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Race Camp

Please Note that this year (2017) Motocamp will not be running a "race camp" week. Instead there will be 4 weeks of camp with not restrictions on rider skill or ages. This will work in the most convenience when planning your summer holidays. 

A Day at Race Camp

7:00 AM: WAKE-UP CALL everyday


7-7:15 AM: Morning prep


7:15-8:00 AM: Morning work-out (streches, circuits, or 5k run)




8:45-9 AM: Bunk/Room clean-up/ Fuel up bike


9-9:30 AM: Gear-up


9:30-12:00 PM: RIDING/LESSONS -during the race week riders will work on more advanced lessons, and race senarios. The will be doing 15-30min motos, aswell as lessons that improve the riders ability to be smooth, consistent, and overall faster. 




12-12:30 PM: Change/get ready for lunch

  • WEATHER DEPENDING - we may come back earlier to cool off in the lake


12:30-1:00 PM: LUNCH


1-1:30 PM: Tuck, games, rehydrate, and relaxing before ride time!


1:30-2 PM: Gear-up






5-6:00 PM: Afternoon activity: swimming, tubing, rock climbing, tower jumping/tarzan rope, etc.




6-7:00 PM: DINNER



7:00-8 PM: Tuck, games, bmx/skate park open, rehydrate and relax. Optional workout with instructor is available for anyone willing to work hard.


8-10-10:30 PM: Movie/ Cool down/ Rehydrate (campers indoors)


10-10:30 PM: LIGHTS OUT


Track Changes

Track Changes will be made to accomodate the more advanced riders/racers. Jumps will be lipped up higher, and the track will be tilled much deeper in order to create ruts. 


PLEASE NOTE: The track will be closed to the public on the wednesday  night during the race week due to theses changes to the track.

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