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When can we drop off campers?

Campers can be dropped off after 6PM on the Sunday night prior to camp. Dinner WILL NOT be provided the night before so please take them for dinner before.


Can we drop off campers before 6PM?

No, staff is occupied with some grounds or house keeping and or track prep.


Will there be dinner priovided Sunday Night?

No, please take your campers for dinner prior to dropping them off.


What Should/Shouldn't we pack?

Please see "What to bring" section here.


What if I don't have a bike?

We have a complete line of Honda CRF bikes available for rental, please see here.


What if I don't have riding gear?

We have rental gear and can be pre-arranged along with the rental bike, please see here.


How many week-long programs are there to choose from?

Motocamp runs for 4 weeks in July for various abilities and a number of day programs, please see here for those dates.


Who provides rental equipment/bikes?

All the rental bikes and riding gear is on site and available by filling out the form. Please see here for more details.


Does it matter which week I attend? / I thought weeks were separated by age/Skill?

Motocamp used to be separated by age and skill level, but to accommodate our campers, M1, M2, M3, and M4 will be open to all ages and CC's, campers will be organized based on skill level and bike size on the first day of camp. All campers will be going through variations of the same lessons!


Can we bring a bike/skateboard/scooter/pit bike?

Due to recent problems with bikes and skateboards, we ask that campers not bring the following items to camp. 


What is 'Tuck'?

Tuck happens twice a day for campers, after lunch and after dinner. Upon dropping campers off at registration, parents can leave up to $20.00 for candies, water, pop, sports drinks, chip, chocolate or freezies! Everyone is limited to 2 items/visit. 


Why do you need my health card?

For emergency reasons we request all campers health cards, photocopies are accepted also.


What if it rains during the week?

We ride RAIN OR SHINE! There are times when you may need to know different skills and safety measures when riding in wet conditions. This provides the ultimate experience for campers and a chance to round their skill set on a dirt bike. When we have extreme weather or the track becomes unsafe then riding will be suspended until we make it safe or it stops raining.


How many tracks does Motocamp have?

Motocamp has 2 offical tracks and 1 Grass track, over 60 acers of trails, and multiple lesson zones targeting different skills. 


Do you need experience?

Nope! We experience beginner and  experienced riders! All of our lessons are gadged based on individual skill levels, we give campers the opportunity to grow their skill set in a correct and safe manor.  


Can my son/daughter call home?

Yes, if campers approach a Motocamp Staff member prior to lights out, we will be able to provide them a phone to call home with.


Does Motocamp participate in Sound Testing?

In an effort to be responsible and respectful to our neighbours, Motocamp has a strict 102 DB reading for all bikes, no exceptions. If you have an aftermarket exhaust please bring your stock pipe or a BD Dawg Exhaust Silencer (universal 4-stroke silencer insert). This is mandatory for all campers, if you have any questions please don't hesitiate to contact us prior to your arrival. 


Are campers supervised at all times?

Yes, all instructors stay in the Motolodge with campers in separate rooms. Afternoon activities will only be done with the instructor that organized them, and while riding, all groups will have at least one head instructor with a "sweeper" following them. Ken, our head mechanic will also travel to the track with all campers and staff.

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