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I bring to camp?"


  • Gear

    • Helmet (Must have)

    • Goggles (an extra pair is good)

    • Mouthguard (Optional)

    • Neck Protector (Recommended)

    • Chest Protector (Recommended)

    • Elbow Pads (Optional)

    • Jersey/Pants (an extra pair is good)

    • Socks (x5 at least)

    • Knee Pads (Must have)

    • Boots (Must have)

  • Bike in good working order.

    • Extra Parts (Spark Plug, Levers, Oil, Gas, Tube etc.)

    • If you have your own bike at camp and brought extra parts (such as the ones listed above). Please let MC Staff know upon registration. If there is a time when we would replace something then we will use the parts that were brought rather than charging for one.

    • NOTE: daily regular maintenance is done on all bikes every evening following dinner. This includes; air filter, chain adjustment, brakes checked, coolant checked, oil change if needed and a bike wash for the dirtier days. Additional work will be billed for time required. Those campers that want to learn how to do their own regular maintenance are welcome to shadow an instructor and learn through a hands on experience.

  • Bike Trailers can be left on-site

  • Clothing

    • Daily Clothes

      • T-shirts (A few at least)

      • Shorts

      • Sweater

      • Pants

      • Bathing Suit

      • Socks/underwear (A few at least)

      • Tooth brush

      • Shampoo

      • Beach towel

      • Shower towel

      • Bug Spray

      • Sun Screen

      • Socks

      • Running shoes (Must bring)

      • Sandals 

    • Food/Water

      • If you have any special allergies please note on application and let MC Staff know upon arrival.

      • Some campers will bring water and small snacks.

      • ALL snacks are kept in the common room - labelled with your name.

  • Tuck Money ($20.00 MAX - Optional)

    • ​Left over money is refunded

  • Gas Money ($20.00 is recommended - Optional)

    • ​NOTE: for gas, oil, levers, etc.

    • Left over money is refunded

  • Health Card

  • Pillow/Sleeping bag



I bring to camp?"

  • Electronics

    • This includes phones, IPods, IPads, gameboys, computers, etc.

    • No .. we don't have WIFI

    • Please leave all electronics at home, they will not be needed at camp and there could be a chance it will go missing.

  • No Weapons of any kind - this will result in campers being sent home immediately 

  • No Drugs/Alcohol of any kind - this will result in campers being sent home immediately

  • A bad attitude!

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