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Why Motocamp?

What do these two seemingly different worlds share, besides a common property? A love for motorsports, is one thing. However, it is a summer camp experience, the best summer experience, that connects deaf and motorcross campers alike. Skills are built individually at Motocamp, but collectively campers are able to create lasting friendships, and experience the distinct community that is camp, not to mention deaf camp.


So why send your child to Motocamp this summer? There are numerous reasons, all of which point to the best week of their summer. A better question to ask would be HOW can my child come to Motocamp this summer? For the month of July, various programs cater to entry level riders, or competitive racers. Riders are able to learn the fundamentals of riding, braking, gear shifting, how to ride in mud, dust, over hills, and learn bike maintenance and general appreciation for the sport. Racers are taught how to take the holeshot, ride safer, and therefore ride faster. All instructors come from the motorcycling community some as former pro motocrossers and pro ATV racers. They share their years of experience with all who attend. Campers as young as 5 come and eagerly return year after year, working their way up through the programs as their skills improved. Whether you are a beginner rider just wanting to learn the basics of riding, or a novice rider wanting to improve your skills for competition, you are a Motocamper in the making.

Don't have a bike? No problem. A complete line of Honda CRFs from 50cc up to 230cc are available to rent. Honda is the official bike of Motocamp and we can accommodate everyones needs. Program registration begins in March, and can be accessed via


There may be two distinct camps sharing one property in Parry Sound, but at the end of the day, there are lifelong friends who both love the smell of gas in the morning, and can't wait to jump into the lake at the end of the day.


"The other side of the tracks"? From either side, the view is the same. New experiences, personal growth, fun and lifelong friendships are there waiting.
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