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If you are in need of a RENTAL bike please fill out the questions that pop-up asking about your rental. Please check the list below first before filling out registration forms. 

Rental Bike Availability:
M1: All Rentals Fully Booked  
M2: All Rentals Fully Booked 
M3: All Rentals Fully Booked  
M4: All Rentals Fully Booked 

If you plan on paying using E-Transfer, please complete the Registration Form like normal and use the code: ETRANSFER at checkout. 
- E-Transfer Payments will be made to:
- Please make the password: Motocamp (case sensitive) 
- Add the name of the camper in the Message area of the E-Transfer. 

Availability Each Week
-M1 (Fully Booked)
-M2 (Fully Booked)
-M3 (Fully Booked)

-M4 (20/30)


If you have any questions feel free to email us at:



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